A letter

Photo: Pinterest


"I sit and watch the sunset
the air is wonderfully clear,
the stars not from this world."

–It is breathtakingly beautiful,
I see her sunset-watching –

"It is getting cold at a ghastly
fast rate," she writes,
ghastly fast...cold, cold, cold…"

– I touch her her sunset and my
fingers tremble –

"I haven't been dancing on stage,
I have been walking around,
Pirouettes in my mind."

–We walk together, he and I.
Our stay in that country is over,
his and mine. Strange…

Everyone was feeling,
remembering war…
Any special war?

Especially the War Of Independence
–you know – that war no one
remembers anymore.

It was so long ago,
and not very significant.
Has everyone forgotten?

© Ilana W. Haley 2016