Shadow of Cain

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(from the collection Ballads Of A Land)

My shadow speaks,
It speaks to you,
“There was time –
A time to kill.
A time to die.
To die, to rend.”

My shadow speaks and says to you,
“Two had been better than one
To warm, to heat, to heal.
Two had always been better than one –
To tell, to sew and to reap.

Walk under the sun,
walk under the sun.
The second child – My shadow.
The father, maker and player
Of all that strive to sound
Like all the songs of earth –
Two had been much better than one
Which to rise, rise the spirit
To simply withstand.

Cain, Cain.

I am my brother’s keeper.

Cain. OH, Cain.

My shadow speaks, my brother,
What has been, has been.
What is done, is done.
I give my heart–
I give my heart and cherish you
In wisdom and in grief –
In knowledge and in sorrow.”

What has been, has been.
What is done, is done.

My shadow underneath the sun,
Sevenfold your keeper.

Cain. O Cain. My brother, my brother
“In The Beginning”, Cain, “In The Beginning.”

Can you not see nor hear?
One language.
one speech.
Our earth,
My brother.

What is done is done,
My brother, Cain
The flaming sword has branded us
In The Tree of life, forever;
Forever to Keep the Way.

Three fold cord
Is not quickly broken–
†he sons of Adam,
Walk, walk, walk .

What has been, has been.
And the sons f Adam,
All the sons of Adam walk the earth

© Ilana W. Haley 2016