In love with dance

I am in love with dance
and need the truth,
I also want to find out why,
why it all happened?
In a certain way...
a certain way...
Was I frightened of going
to America,
to New York?
I was afraid – afterward–
What frightened me the most
was the that everything seemed
exactly as I imagined it would be...
déjà vu.
I was going to find out why,
but I didn't, not really,
I am still in love with dance,
even when I know it will disappear
from my life;
by then, perhaps I will have disappeared…
Now I am more frightened.
Our world is worsening
There is nothing to do about it,
nothing, really.
You always meet true love
too late, yet, there is another answer:
you meet true love and it dies.
I prefer the first way,
it is so much harder to go on living afterwards
that death would seem like a friend…
a blessing.

© Ilana W. Haley 2016